Keizersgracht 766, Amsterdam

During the construction of the EHLB building I did some more reasearch in the work of it's architect, G.A. van Arkel. One of the buildings that attracted my attention was Keizersgracht 766, a canal house. Because I didn't want to built only the 17th and 18th century houses, but also some of the "newer" ones, I decided to build this rather tall house as well. Besides I didn't use that many white bricks so far.

The origineel
Keizersgracht 766 was built in 1894 after a design by G.A. van Arkel in the style of the de Art Nouveau for W.J. Heinemann, who had a bakery store around the corner at the Utrechtsestraat. Because the parcel on which the house was built is rather undeep, they decided to make it a bit higher than the usual. The house is pretty rare for Amsterdam, most architects in the city didn't use the more expressive Art Nouveau for their creations. Although it is said that even this building is rather sober.
Remarkable are the different bays, loggias and balconies, made in different shapes and sizes. This makes the facade more lively than most canal houses.

The LEGO-model
The model is slightly a bit oversized, in comparison with the other canal houses I made. The solution for the half round bay, which made a bit too big, was due to that. As it is a bit bigger than the original, it looks a bit like a small tower between the other houses, but somehow it doesn't bother me at all.


Location: Keizersgracht 766, Amsterdam
Year of construction: 1894
Architect: G.A. van Arkel (1858-1918)
Commissioner: W.J. Heinemann


Height: 48,5 cm (1.6 feet)
Construction time: about 5 weeks (minus later alterations)
Date: 2001 - 2002


Bureau Monumentenzorg & Archeologie: Keizersgracht 766
Bureau Monumentenzorg & Archeologie: Bouwmeesters: Gerrit van Arkel

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